If you tried to self-study korean before and you give up bc of lack of consistency, or you wanted to learn but you had no idea what books to use or how to start then my friend, this tutorial is for you.

side note: honestly, how many of you started studying Korean enthusiastically but gave up when you lost your motivation studying alone? how many of you wanted to start but couldn’t choose one book or site among many of them? well, hopefully, this will help you.


If you haven’t got the material to learn korean, get them from my site HERE before continue reading this post!

1. What do you need?

My Korean Book 1 (and 2) *

intermediate korean grammar **

a notebook for your notes

agenda to keep track

pencils, highlighters & post-its

vocabulary pack

group chat to learn ***


Notes about the *!

(*) this is the book I suggest you to use first, print it so you can note or highlight things on it.

(**) intermediate korean grammar book is useful when you go in deep into grammar.

(***) I’ll talk about the group chats later in this thread, don’t worry 😉

2. How to manage the time?

You are probably busy with work, school, university or just busy scrolling through Twitter timeline. try to find time to study at least 50 minutes per day, it can be before going to sleep, when you’re on train, during school break time, etc.

3. Learn how to read Korean!

Take your notebook, phone or laptop and watch this playlist while taking notes! By the end of the playlist, you will be able to read I promise!



4. How to use the book?

“ok now I know how to read, now what?”

You’ll see that “My Korean 1” book has 10 units. study ONE unit per week! don’t force urself to learn everything in a day, it’s impossible!

Divide the different subtopics from the unit into the 7 days of the week.

5. “uhh I keep forgetting…”

Do not forget to note your learning process on your agenda! here is how I noted my schedule to learn my vocabulary packs!



6. organize your notes!

When you write down your notes, try to make it colorful and highlight the important parts! it’s going to be a notebook that you will check from time to time to make sure about “uhh how was that grammar rule?”.

side note: ignore my ugly calligraphy.



7. “How the hell can I learn vocabulary?

it’s too hard for me!”

well, I’m not going to lie, memorizing the vocabulary it’s the most challenging part. you might get stressed but let the journey be fun!

STEP 1. print your vocabulary pack (which I included in the free material)


STEP 2. memorize: repeat the words like a song, or try to use sounds that will make you remember that word! you can also write down each word 20 times, it will make you memorize it faster.

STEP 3. after memorizing 10 words of the day, use them in sentences related to BTS to practice. important: use the NAVER dictionary app to translate words you don’t know yet, you will learn them faster this way.



side note: when you’re memorizing the vocabulary, highlight the ones you know and draw a little star next to the ones that are hard for your to remember.

8. Use apps to memorize vocabulary?

you can also use apps to help you memorize the vocabulary but… don’t lie to yourself honey, you will end up opening twitter and get distracted again.. once you finish writing your sentences, try to use them here on Twitter!

9. About basic Korean grammar

At the end of “My Korean 1” book, you will find the appendix with useful grammar explanations! (pics below) for further information and details about the rules you can check the TTMIK grammar pdfs (which are also on the folder I uploaded).




ta-chan! yes, I am opening the group chats program again! what better way to learn korean than w/ other armys? you can choose what type of group chat you want (dms, line, kakaotalk or whatsapp), click HERE for more info.

Deadline: 30 April 2018!

Please DO NOT email me after 30 April 2018!

11. ARMY Classroom

Probably the most important part of this thread… If you are studying at school or University you use something called Moodle where the teacher uploads new material, assignments, and they can keep track of the works you submit, etc. This is the same thing. I am going to post assignments and homework related to BTS and the books and vocabulary I mentioned in this tutorial.

Do you want to join?

All you have to do is follow the steps of this tutorial you just read. Then, go to my moments on Twitter @btsinbloom and click on ARMY CLASSROOM. There you will find the weekly quizzes and assignments. I will also post them HERE.

But… what is this really about? 

This space is to help ARMYs stay consistent when it comes to studying. Consider it as an official school. Knowing that you have to deliver homework, quizzes and more, will help you to get up to speed.

As I know that most of you are busy, the activities will be light and short, they could be done in 10 minutes, so I hope that many of you will be encouraged. (although sometimes I will do long exercises, but you will have more time to deliver it).

Rules of the ARMY Classroom:

– I do not think it is necessary to comment on this, but it is good to remember it from time to time: respect must be mutual. Here we are all in the same boat. Here we are all learning.

– Do not use the hashtag for other purposes! But you can use it to be mutuals with your classmates and help each other. 😉

What kind of content can I expect from this class?

– I will follow the structure of My Korean 1 book, so every week I will post short activities or quizzes regarding the unit. I will also post quizzes about the vocabulary of each unit of the book. (Since the vocabulary pack is huge, and each one of you will have different speed of learning it, it’s better if you do it on your own or with your group chat, if you joined one of course).

– I will post videos to encourage you studying Korean as well as good tips to study easier and in a good environment.

– Most of the exercises will be BTS related (i.e. words that they use frequently or sentences).

– Tips to improve speaking and listening (using BTS videos as examples).

– There will be an exam at the end of every month (starting from May), the format of the exam will have 18 quizzes and 2 short answers. Again, all of them related to BTS members. (If you can’t do the exam then it’s okay, you can do it later!).

When will you post the exercises, quizzes, etc.?

I will post them every Friday at 11 PM KST. For example, on Friday I will post two short exercises related to the first unit. Next week, other exercises from the second unit, and so on. But the videos, tips, etc. can be posted any day from the week.

Do we have a deadline to submit homework?

No, I won’t delete them so you can do them on your own when you finish studying each unit. However, it would be perfect if you could study one unit per week and do the quizzes before I post the next one. 😉


If you work hard enough you will see how you learn so fast! Soon you will be able to understand BTS tweets without waiting translators. You will be also able to watch a bangtan bomb and understand words and be like “OH MY GOD HE SAID X, I UNDERSTOOD THAT OH MY GOD YESSS!!!” Trust me, that happened to me at first and that motivated me to keep working harder!

Use a separate notebook for only vocabulary and note there every time you learn a new word on BTS Twitter or expressions they use frequently. It really helps a lot!

Do not give up! No one learns a whole language in one night! It requires patience and will to learn. So please never stop working hard on what you love. You will be happy with every simple small improvement.

Jungkook and Taehyung are learning English to communicate with us. Show them we can also learn Korean to communicate with them. Let’s show our love. Let’s keep supporting our boys. Let’s break the language barrier. We can do it! Happy learning!


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this as I did while writing! I don’t think it is necessary to say this but PLEASE do not re-upload this anywhere else! If you want to post it on twitter you can either share this link or use my thread about this tutorial (HERE).

And if you want to share it on Tumblr, Facebook, Amino, Instagram, etc. please just share the link of this site.

Also, if you like and enjoy the content of my blog site please consider helping me to maintain this site by donating coffees via ko-fi.com/btsinbloom! Any amount is appreciated!

Find me on Twitter : @btsinbloom





  1. Sabrina says:

    Hii!! so thankful for all this but just a quick question: why does this rainbow magic page appear everytime I clik on the link???


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