#ENDviolence project

Currently, UNICEF has a global campaign called #ENDviolence that is being spread around the world. Its goal is to protect children and teens from violence.

“Children should feel safe at home, in school, and in their communities. But it is in these places that most violence against children happens – often at the hands of the people they see every day. For many children, violence wears a familiar face. Violence may be closer to home than you think.”

With this project, I thought I would like to collect all the personal experiences and opinions regarding this issue and compile them into one book under the title #ENDviolence on Wattpad. Each chapter would have a story by someone different around the world.

The purpose of this project is to spread awareness of this important topic. This will be posted anonymously. You can write a short paragraph, a short essay, three pages essay, etc. There are no rules.

Note: The texts will not be edited, corrected, etc. If you want your text to be corrected for possible grammar or vocabulary mistakes please let me know.

To submit your story or opinion please email at btsinbloom@gmail.com

There is no deadline! You can submit yours whenever you want. I will start posting them as soon as I receive them.

To know more about this campaign please check out 




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