The Angelic Friend, YUS PEACH

I am in tears…. seriously……. like wOW this is the most beautiful text I have ever read about me (and probably the only one) and I’m crying so much. I actually got goosebumps reading this. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MINNIM because of you now I am going to sleep with an idiot smile on my face. Just wait, I’ve got many things to say to you. When I will find time to sit and write (I’ll make sure it will be as soon as possible) and I will post it on my blog as well because PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW about your existence.

I love you so much Minnim I swear to God that I am going to print this so I can read it whenever I feel down. (also, thanks for the shoutout of my social media haha, and nope, I’m not pretty at all but still thanks!)

Once again, and again, and agaaaaain I love you so much Minnim seriously. I really love stuff like this. I won’t forget this EVER.


YUS PEACH, an angelic friend from the other side of the world. She’s too precious for me to call her a social media friend. To be honest, I still can’t believe the fact that she wants to befriend me.

I remember the first time I knew her was back in January this year. My best friend introduced me her LKXBTS program and I was so interested to join in. Then I sent her an email and joined the program and Kakao group. Since then, I followed her on Twitter. I can’t remember how, but I think she did post something about her Instagram. Then I know that she’s a Muslim too. I was so happy and that fact bemused me somehow. I feel honored and motivated.

She did lots of program for BTS’s fans, ARMYs. She also has a blog named Peachy Closet where she put everything related to BTS…

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