“The world is just another name for despair
My height is just another diameter for the earth
I am all of my joy and anxiety”  

Reflection // 방탄소년단


97 thoughts on “HOME

  1. suga lover says:

    hello i wanted to ask about the Learn Korean X BTS are the materials like a giveaway and only certain people will get it or u will send it to everyone ? sorry if u’ve explained it but im still a bit lost 😭


    • btsinbloom says:

      Hi suga lover! It is not a giveaway, everyone can get the material. All you have to do is to email me at btsinbloom@gmail.com with #LKXBTS / @ your twitter username as subject and then add the screenshot as proof that you are following me on twitter. then I will send you the material. 🙂


  2. Jenn says:

    Hello Yus! Thank you so much for sending out the materials!^^ I was wondering how you would set up a study schedule. For example, would you recommend focusing on one lesson for a week and how would you include the vocabulary in it. I hope my question wasn’t too confusing. Thank you!^^


    • btsinbloom says:

      Hi Jenn! I really suggest you to study one lesson per week and use the vocabulary to make up sentences to practice. I suggest you to review the vocabulary every time before going to sleep and when you wake up, so you can make your brain get used to the new information. Try to use them also on social networks to practice. If you don’t know where then don’t worry as I said on my latest info I will post regarding the group chats to practice Korean at the end of January so everyone who joined this project can help each other with their tips, etc. I hope I replied your question, have a nice day / night Jenn!!


  3. milktea says:

    your website is really helpful to us thank you so much :)) you are awesome thank you so much for the hard work!! 💖 Btw i sent an email abt the giveaway :(((((


  4. xokvk says:

    Hey i received the materials and im thrilled to be learning korean ^^

    The problem is that i have no idea how to start? Help please TT

    Great blog btw im loving it 😍


  5. Amanda Au says:

    Heyy! I’m so grateful for your list of BTS DVDs! Thank you soooo much fam! Just wondering if will you put up their Japan fan meeting vol 3 ones as well? 😀

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  6. lazymin says:

    huaaaaa neomu kamsahamnida for making this blog and upload many things about bangtan so i can download them easily because i dont have much money to buy them esp the disc
    once again thank you so muuuuuuch
    saranghae :****

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  7. Brina says:

    0-0 I’m so glad I found your website!! I had been looking through the internet, trying to find good ways to learn Korean and I found your site!! You have helped me very much, me just starting to learn Korean now (already knowing some words and honorifics from BTS and Korean dramas) and I appreciate it very, very much!! Kamsahamnida!! ^-^


  8. Naomi says:

    Hello! I just read through the movie and book sections and realised that there are a few missing…maybe you can add “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” as one of the movies and Namjoon recommended and “the unbearable lightness of being” as the book he read 😀


  9. byminnim says:

    Hey Yus. I love this closet so much. You inspire me to continue what i left. Today, I start to make a new blog of mine but way better than before. Thanks to you, I can fill up my time with something more useful 🙂


    • yuspeach says:

      aww thank you so much for your message! i really appreciate it! and I’m glad i inspired you to start a blog just like others inspired me to start this one haha, also, i would like to check your blog once you start it, please comment your blog website once you finish making it. 🙂


      • byminnim says:

        Thank you, Yus. But my blog is not that impressive. Basically, I just post anything that I like to fill up my time. I’ll start to write more soon. Despite that, here is my blog at byminnim.wordpress.com. Hopefully, you can find time to look at it. And I mentioned your LKXBTS program in my latest post. I hope you don’t mind 🙂


  10. Fatika says:

    Hello😄, Im newbie here. Nice to meet you all. I really happy when I found this blog. Im look for another update. Fighting for the owner🤗


  11. Dey says:

    Hello, can you download the translation of BTS WINGS CONCEPT BOOK? And Summer Package 2017 Please please…
    BTW I love your blog. You have done an amazing job here.


    • YUS PEACH says:

      Hello! I don’t sub videos I just share the links and compile them. And yes, I posted the link of BTS Comeback show with english subtitles! Please check the “BTS reality shows” page in my blog and you will find the link there. 🙂


  12. Fatika says:

    Waww. The blog is very nice. 대박!! BTS has release BTS live triology the wings tour in seoul. will you share them also?if u share it I’ll be waiting🤗


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